Why Pink Premium

Biodegradable pads with packing

Made from Natural products

Chemical & Plastic Free

Skin Friendly

Travel Friendly

Long Hours Protection

Leakage Proof Design

No Artificial Fragrances

Our Vision

A Healthy Girl, a Healthy India! For every one of those women, who are deprived of basic needs, for all those who are less fortuned to have enough information, hygiene & care. Right from providing free education to providing the basic hygiene needs to girls in the rural areas, Women Planet Foundation vows to take care of them all through its activities and educational sessions. Every single pack you buy helps us to spread more muskaan in India!

The #Pinkpowerment

‘Empower Women and you empower the world’. We have taken it upon ourselves to use PINK PREMIUM not only to save the environment but to also empower more women by implying manufacturing process with minimum machining.

Making a responsible choice !

We have made an extra effort in researching about bio-degradable sanitary pads and have gone an extra mile in creating the best handcrafted, natural, bio-degradable sanitary pads available in the market.

Manage your flow well with

Pack of 10 Pads | 4 Different Sizes | Rs. 239

3 XXL size : 320+ mm | 3 XL : 280+ mm | 2 Large : 240+ mm | 2 Small : 175+ mm

* Inclusive of individual disposal covers

Like our fingers, the flow during our periods are different too. Managing this difference can be stressful. Our 4 different sizes in 1 pack provides the best solution to your periodic management.

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Travel Pack

Pack of 3 Pads | 3 different sizes | Rs. 72

1 XXL size : 320+ mm | 1 XL : 280+ mm | 1 Large : 240+ mm

* Inclusive of individual disposal covers.

We consistently focus on providing you with our sincere care and best service. Providing you comfort and obtaining your trust is our prime objective.

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